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Friday, February 23, 2024
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2021 Scholarship Application

Beginning in 2012, the National Holstein Convention Legacy Fund will award three $500 scholarships in addition to the two $500 scholarships already awarded by the MB Holstein Branch. That is a total of five $500 scholarships available to be awarded yearly.


2020 Madeline Boonstra, Dominic deRocquigny, Kassidy Heapy

2019 Christina Boonstoppel, Maxine Chartier, JP deJong, Kaitlyn Warkentine

2018 Dana Andres, Andrew Borstlap, Luke Bossuyt, Jonathan Lange, Tara Sweetnam

2017 Rachel Boonstoppel, Nathalie DeRocquigny, Lukas Reutter

2016 Nicolas Philippot

2015 Anna Donohoe, Joseph Holtmann, Mark Sweetnam

2014 Emily Boonstra, Michael Borst, Carla Plett, Vicki Wiens

2013 Morgan Palsson, Jordana Penner

2012 Bradley Van Den Bossche, Holly Donohoe, Eric Holtmann, Breanna Carels, Richmond Delorme

2011 Lisa Wiens

2010 James Van Den Bossche

2009 Chris McMillan, Kassandra Wytinck, Katelynn Graye

2008 Kelvin Friesen

2007 Ellen Gorter and Michael Van De Bossche

2006 Kelwyn Hoeppner

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Nicolas Philippot

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